Face Tighten Lifting

Face Tighten Lifting

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Ultrasonic LCD Cryotherapy Hot Cold Hammer, Lymphatic Face Tighten Lifting Massager, Facial Beauty Salon Equipment

Product characteristic:
1. This product according to not congeniality skin and the function of usage establish different strength;
2. Be to start to open power switch,each press any keys to all have the bee tweet the function piece,in fixed time 15 minutes,have the function of bee tweet while ending;
3. The this product ultrasonic head is than the general and hold ultrasonic to want greatly,and strength can compare with the set type ultrasonic
Skin beauty by the ultrasonic massage
1. Removing wrinkles;
2. Removing black spots;
3. Removing acne.
Slimming effect resulting from the ultrasonic massage
1. Removing fats;
2. Local slimming;
3. Body slimming;
4. Clinical experiments have indicated that ultrasonic waves could enhance the absorptive function of your skin.
Package Included:
1 x Hot and cold hammer
1 x Power supply wire
1 x Power adapter
1 x User manual

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